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Much needed money lessons for our baby gangsters

It is very important to teach people about the importance of money this generation. That to the g

Do not be those parents that teachers hate

  • Parenting is incredibly difficult, and so is being a teacher. But it is important for pare

: This 16 year old activist is a bomb and we want to read why she is(MUST READ ARTICLE)

Lots of the Swedish climate activists putative allies are not down to the cause. They are just ho

Tips for those whose kids are way much into SCIENCE…

We all have seen kids of our generation growing with too much of interest in science and technolo

Teach these life Hacks to your kids by age 10

With so much for our kids to learn in the modern high-tech world, it is all too easy for them to

Spend some quality time with kids.Because we believe they deserve so

Even though the times with small children frequently look long, the years fly . Use this purposef

10 Reasons Why Your Toddlers Tantrums Are A Fantastic Thing

Toddler tantrums are one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. We tend to feel like great p

Find the best from your child through the following tips

I fear my 3-year-old, Sophie, has a split personality. At school she cleans up her toys, puts on


Sometimes kids are researching colours concepts and colour mixing. Other times you might be stren

Few fun facts to educate our ILLUSTRIOUS KIDS

Well, I have been knocking thoughts of our Rock Star parents from a very long way and thought th

Give them PERMISSION to fail. Let them work to grow the IMAGINARY TREE stronger

You don't wish to be a failure. However, you fear that you may not be doing enough, have sufficie



It brings up feelings of a fresh beginning, new year, brand new outlook. As

Super cool reasons Why SWETHA HAMSA is a preschool valuable!!!

We have been there, seen kids and learnt more!!!

Yes!!! Experience teaches us what to do

Few phrases we use and wish all parents could use too..

We have been already telling everyone that ours is not a regular teaching technique.


Differences you should know between traditional Education and Montessori Education

Well, here we will describe why our organisation has chosen Montessori but not the regular method

Make your child generation ready

Make it smarter rather keeping it harder- And this is the sentence we keep faith in.

We as