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About Swetha Hamsa | Best Preschool in Madhapur

We are here to increase the love of learning through blend of Montessori & Traditional teaching techniques which helps children to analyse their self-esteem and identify their inner pride. Above all, we chose it because “CHANGE IS GOOD” and “ADOPTING IS MANDATORY” in this generation.

Music & Fun
We chose the different approach and we want you to accept it.
Academic achievement isn’t the only benefit we are looking forward for. The right mix of creativity with an opportunity to explore beyond limitations along with curriculum helps students to be innovative and also encourages them to learn new things. Students can grow up as good communicators in addition to improving their emotional and social skills and thus everyone will become HERO of their own story.
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Why Choose Us

  • Social & Academic Learning
  • We teach them to be happy
  • We Nurture Child's Curiosity
Young children are naturally curious and observant. They want to learn the skills that their families and society value — such as reading the instructions for assembling a toy, or selecting the correct bills or coins to pay for a purchase. To prepare children for the academic demands of school, we will offer a wide variety of games and activities through integrated playway methodology that will help them acquire necessary academic but also social skills.
  • Development of self esteem
  • Foster love for books and learnings through different techniques
  • Creating cooperation among groups
  • Expand child’s ability to learn about (and from ) the world
  • Most importantly the little brain’s curiosity to question is encouraged
A young child’s cognitive skills are strengthened by engaging in a wide range of hands-on activities that challenge them to observe closely, ask questions, test their ideas or solve a problem. We observe, ask questions and listen to children’s ideas during these activities — “correct” answers are not the goal. To nurture their curiosity and motivation to learn, teachers use children’s interests and ideas to create activities. Their happiness through innosence towards the simplest of the events is the beauty that can be turned into an exciting opportunity to learn.